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Glass jar with lid for micropropagation of plants


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If you want to engage in micropropagation of plants, then our glass jars with lids that will suit you ideally (checked by us!) Will help you.
These are ideal bottles for micropropagation of plants, that is, breeding in the laboratory.
Advantages of these cans with covers:
Firstly, this plastic cover has a microfilter centered (see photo). That is, the air that is necessary for the plants will go unhindered into the can, so the plants will grow better. At the same time, bacteria and viruses can not enter the middle of the bottle.
Secondly, these covers with translucent plastic, that is, if you have light coming from above, then it will freely enter inside the jar.
Thirdly, the lids stand autoclaving, that is, you can autoclave the cans with a nutrient medium with closed lids without problems.
Fourth, covers and cans are reusable.

Скляна банка з кришкою для мікроклонування рослин

пластикова кришка з фільтром